Our success is determined by the discipline and diversity of our team and collaborators

Current Openings

We aim to create an environment for you to do your greatest work. This is what you can expect from us.

  • An open and collaborative culture

    We work closely as a team and with our clients and partners. We value robust dialogue in everything we do. Good conversation leads to the surfacing of the best ideas and best outcomes. For this, we value diversity in thought, background and disposition. While sometimes things can get busy, we work hard to maintain the same energy.

  • A variety of meaningful work

    With great clients ranging from not-for-profits, purpose-led organisations to government institutions and investors, there is no shortage of variety in our work. Our clients have big ideas and are often well-positioned to make them happen. Working with us, you get to see up close how their organisations work and you get to be involved in critical strategic conversations. This provides an amazing insight into where the world is going, and a chance to influence it.

  • Practices that enable your growth

    We are a deliberately developmental organisation. We value education and learning, as it is fundamental to our projects and potential outcomes. We continually work on ourselves as individuals and as teams. We have a reflective practice and are continually redefining the ways we work and understand the world to do better work. Our promise is to help you grow and leave us more confident, experienced and highly skilled than when you started.

  • Support for your personal purpose

    We believe in what we do and want to share it. We work to build the community of practice in systemic design so that many others can system change happen in their own domains. We often give our time to causes and projects in low and pro-bono engagements. We also recognise that work isn't everything — whether that be family, hobbies and other side hustles, we make it work.

  • Ownership opportunity

    We believe in creating value for people, not from people. For us, this must flow through to the foundations of the business: its ownership structure. To do this, we offer options in Snowmelt, so you can benefit from your hard work and all of our future successes.

  • Equal opportunity

    Snowmelt is an equal opportunity employer, and we continue to educate ourselves on how we can improve. We provide the same benefits and opportunities to everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, and medical history. We recognise and celebrate the true value of a safe and accepting working environment that only a diverse team can unlock.

We're always on the look out for great people. If the advertised roles don't suit, connect with us.

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