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Snowmelt is a strategic partner of thriving organisations

  • Shape

    Whether you're building a startup, new venture, or new function of your business, you need to shape the right elements early to give it the best chance of flourishing. We ensure you create them.

    • Understand a market

    • Design the right business model

    • Create the operating model

    • Define products and services

  • Scale

    As organisations scale, they encounter common challenges as the complexity of teams and operations grows. We help you to codify and structure your work in ways that don't hinder your growth.

    • Find new opportunities

    • Ensure strategic fit

    • Build effective ways of working

    • Define product strategies

  • Transform

    As organisations refine themselves for their market niche, they can lose the ability to understand change. We create the awareness, language, concepts, and processes to help you to engage with a broader context.

    • Assess the current state

    • Make sense of complexity

    • Commercial and strategic design

    • Build internal strategic capability

  • Storytell

    Your origin, present and future narratives are powerful ways to engage and build allies that can move with your business. We help you to take a stakeholder and outcome-focused approach.

    • Engage your investors

    • Inspire your team with strategy

    • Build strategic partnerships

    • Understand future possibilities

We help founders, executives and leaders to navigate a complex, changing world

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