At Snowmelt, we believe that the most impactful solutions arise from collaboration and collective wisdom. We are actively inviting dynamic, passionate individuals and organizations to partner with us as we transform systems to be more open, equitable and accessible. We want to connect with you, whether you fit the role of a contractor, partner, connector, thought partner, or any other.

Role types

  • Contractor: Are you an independent contractor looking for a role, or eager to contribute to our projects? Whether you are a designer, consultant, or specialist, we welcome your expertise to address the challenges that Snowmelt is passionate about solving.
  • Partner: Are you an organization or sole trader with ideas about collaborative ventures? If your values and approach align with ours, we believe that together, we can accomplish far more.
  • Connector: Do you have insights into potential collaboration opportunities, industries we should explore, or people we should meet? Your direction can guide us to new and fruitful relationships.
  • Thought Partner: Are you interested in fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth? If you have ideas that you’re excited to discuss, we are eager to engage in meaningful dialogue and potentially build something incredible together.

We are excited to explore the possibilities of working together. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can collaborate to address complex challenges through systemic design.

Let's challenge the systems of the status quo.