We are a systemic design firm

We are a uniquely specialised and dedicated team that operates with a network of advisors and delivery partners across Australia and internationally.
Our purpose

We're here to enable organisations and communities to make positive, transformative change happen. We catalyse change in systems—to make systems more effective, sustainable and equitable.

Our principles
We work with you as one team

We immerse ourselves in your knowledge and context and combine this with our own. The combination of perspectives is what creates strength. We leave you better equipped, with new capabilities for your next challenge.

We enable the potential of people

People are the power of every system. We open possibilities by engaging them on their terms on the issues they care about. Through careful inquiry and design, we can consider the requirements of all.

We expand and challenge thinking

Complexity requires a learning disposition. We take a novice mindset to new spaces, but move with conviction when clear choices emerge. We draw on various data sources and our network to accelerate learning.

We bring the discipline of design

We make progress through structured process and conversations. Asking the right questions enable breakthroughs. Design allows us to script, visualise and test ideas that elicit this dialogue.

We create impact that lasts

We are pragmatic. We balance ambition with what’s possible, tailoring our engagements to fit constraints. We empower people to start and keep operating in new ways.

A snapshot


Snowmelt was founded to empower people with systemic design.

Client partners


We've partnered with a range of public, private and not-for-profit organisations.



We've done a lot of great work in our short history.

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